Moodle Tutorial for Students and Lecturers


In this activity, participants will learn how to:

  • Log in Moodle (different ways)
  • Update their profiles (adding pictures, short biography, contact details such as Skype, e-mail, etc.)

 I.      Log in Moodle

Participants will learn how to log in Moodle through:

  • Polytechnic website
  • Moodle website address (URL)

      1.       Log in through Polytechnic website

  • You can access Polytechnic website by typing using the browser of your choice. It is recommended to use Mozilla Firefox for better results. Please contact the BCS technician attached to your School or Department to assist in installation or upgrade of Mozilla Firefox. After typing the Polytechnic URL, the following page opens as shown below:

Image 1

Notice the blue bar with different options such as Admissions, Student Life, etc. on the above opened page.

  • Click on the option named “E-Poly” and the following page is opened:

Image 2

  •  Click on E-learning to open the page providing access to E-learning platforms as shown below:

Image 15

  • To access Moodle, click on the option 1 “Moodle E-learning site” and the system opens the Moodle page as shown below:

Image 20

  • Enter your username and password as provided by the system administrator in the provided login area. If your login is valid, the system will grant you access to Moodle home page as shown below:

Image 21

The home page displays courses that you are a member on the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

        2. Log in Directly through Moodle URL

You can access the login page of Moodle by typing using the browser of your choice. As I said before, it is recommended to use Mozilla Firefox for better results. Once the login page is displayed, enter your username and password to login the system. If your credentials are valid, the system will open Moodle home page and you will see courses that you are a member under the “My Courses” label as shown in the previous illustration.